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Manm'Zelle K Ress grew up in Martinique and was rocked by Afro-Caribbean sounds from which a great passion for music was born. Dj Billy, Dj Halan, Dj Jeff the mix master, Dj Ludovick, Dj Koncret D and many others have been a source of inspiration for her. It was in 2013 that she began to train thanks to her husband Dj Rodmix. In 2014, Manm'Zelle K Ress, not shrinking from challenges, participated in a video concept created by Dj Gwadison following a nomination, the "Mix Nomination". She was the only woman for this first edition. Following this, everything is linked for her first evening for an African association and integration of a web radio to ensure a Sunday broadcast until today. Music is a great passion for her, so she wanted to share it with other deejay women, which led in 2016 to the creation of the Fanm Ô Platin' collective allowing many meetings through broadcasts. place one Sunday per month with, on occasion, artists in interview. After a few years of experience in the mix, she went on to private parties but also in certain clubs in the capital and certain cities in France, which allowed her to flourish in this so-called "Masculine" environment. During her discussions on her Sunday show "Mizik Nou Sé An Léjen'D", where she will take you on a journey through your memories with all the sensations that this provides, she establishes the exchange, the sharing on video which allows her to to date, to interact with its

"K Ressiens and K Ressiennes" as she calls them.

Because she seeks excellence, she offered herself the services of a coach (dj Ludovick) to perfect her professionalism.

Manm'Zelle K Ress an Fanm Ô Platin'


  Meet Manm'Zelle K Ress   every Sunday for two hours   mix with a maximum of  Afro Caribbean music   or we will cross some   continents. Lots of feelings   will be on the agenda,  emotions to make you lose your mind   head and without forgetting the shivers because   you will relive certain eras   like the 80s/90s that we   have marked but, there will not be   that those years...So be at the   appointment on ajmradio from 7 p.m. (Paris) and   on tropicalzeradio from 2 p.m. (1 p.m. in   summer Texas) with your rider, your   cuddly toy where our mascot the broom.

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